Plastics – the unlikely hero in #CoronaLockdown?

The plastics industry, specifically plastic bottles and plastic bottle manufacturers have gotten a bad reputation in recent years. A lot of that bad reputation stems from uninformed social virtue signalling. However, when push comes to shove, plastic bottles seem to always come through, and no example is more prevalent than the recent Coronavirus outbreak in South Africa and the rest of the world.

Since the first case of the Coronavirus was reported in the country a few weeks ago, the plastics manufacturing industry has seen a dramatic increase in demand for products across the sector.

Let’s take a look into just how the plastics industry is helping to tackle the challenges of the Coronavirus and lockdown in South Africa and around the world.


Plastic containers ensure a longer shelf-life during the lockdown

Plastic containers extend shelf-life more than any other packaging material, which is extremely valuable during times where critical supplies of products and infrastructure are limited. 

With the lockdown now in full swing, consumers are encouraged to stock up on supplies and stay at home wherever possible to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in South Africa. 

Plastic containers such as plastic bottles are able to extend the shelflife of products such as food, water, medical supplies and more so that people at home can stay at home for longer.


Plastic packaging can be replaced faster than other materials

With panic buying from consumers around the world, products are being sold out faster than they can be produced. 

The demand for hand sanitisers, cleaning materials, groceries and more have reached a breaking point for manufacturers. The medical industry has seen a sharp increase in orders placed for IV bags, tubes, oxygen masks, gloves and protective gear and packaging for medicine.

Unlike other materials, plastics can be produced in huge quantities for less environmental and economical impact. The recycling of those plastics, which is now possible more than ever, further increases its sustainability. 

Only plastic products and plastic bottles can match the demand for items, and replenish them in time for consumers and patients. It gives us the best shot possible to help millions of people in need.


Plastic bottles can reach farther with fewer losses

One of the biggest challenges for any industry is transport. Many products from other materials like glass easily get damaged, lost or ruined in the process of transporting those goods from the manufacturer to the producer to a storefront.

Furthermore, during a pandemic such as the Coronavirus outbreak, transport and logistics have more extreme demands placed on it with medical products and produce needed to reach all corners of the country in a reliable, safe and hygienic way.

Plastic packaging is needed for products such as handwash, bleach, medicines, food and beverages. Thanks to plastics, these products are safely and hygienically transported to retailers with minimal losses. Moreover, because plastics are lighter than alternative packaging materials, it saves CO² emissions during the transportation process.


Plastics can keep the economy going 

The world is in a panic, and the economy is being hit the hardest. With the lockdown lasting three weeks and our recent downgrade to junk status by Moodys, the South African economy needs help. The plastics industry is one of the few industries in South Africa that makes sense for consumers and professionals locally, and can, for the most part, still compete with international influence.

Where previously many of the plastic products that now in high demand were imported from overseas, it is encouraging to see that local manufacturing is boosted and that the revenue does not leave South Africa.

This is critical to keep our employment rate and our economy going in our country. 


Save the day with Plastics

We here at B&I Polycontainers are proud to serve the public during the Coronavirus lockdown. As a proudly South African plastic bottle manufacturer, we are working night and day to get vital products on the shelf for consumers and medical practitioners alike to combat the virus both locally and internationally.

If you would like to find out more about plastics, check out the rest of our blog. If you would like to order your own plastic bottles, be sure to contact us and we’ll get back to you with a personal quote.

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