Who we are

A company built on a vision for the future

B&I Polycontainers strives to achieve excellence in service delivery, product consistency and sustainable development by providing quality plastic packaging to customers as well as their consumers. The company achieves this through strict quality control measures, loyal dedication to employee and customer alike, and a clear vision for the future of the company and the plastics industry as a whole.

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How we do it

A Glimpse Into B&I



Every plastic bottle has to be produced somewhere, and B&I Polycontainers' quality plastic bottles are produced locally, on location, in the heart of the company.

The factory consists of a PET plant, blow-moulding machines, injection-moulding machines and in-mould labeling machines that produce a wide variety of plastic bottles for our customers, including PVC, HDPE, LDPE and Polyprop bottles.

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Quality Control

Our quality control team has been practicing and perfecting industry standards since 1973, and utilize tried and tested techniques on our plastic bottles to ensue the highest quality. By conducting hourly routine checks as well as detailed analysis of each plastic bottle, B&I Polycontainers achieves excellence for our clients.

In addition to our own internal standards, B&I is regularly audited by industry leading pharmaceutical companies, guaranteeing immaculate conditions from the factory floor to the warehouse door. 

Quality Control
Administration in the office


If the factory is the heart of the business, the administration department is the brain.

A hub of knowledge and resources, our administration department offers customers an excellent level of support and service expected from a leading South African plastics manufacturer. Our staff are trained and experienced to handle any request, and assign specific account managers to key accounts suited to the customer's needs.

Our friendly administrative staff can be contacted on 011-869-1125 or on info@bandipoly.co.za.


B&I Polycontainers has a fleet of vehicles delivering plastic bottles that are constantly on the move.

Managed from dispatch HQ, our bottles are moved from the factory floor and QC into the warehouse where it is stored, cataloged and recorded. Then, once an order for plastic bottles has been placed, the stock is moved out onto the trucks ready to be delivered. Our dispatch HQ tracks each and every order, along with every delivery note and Certificate of Compliance to ensure that our customers get what they want, when they want it - on time, every time.

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