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Reflecting on 2020

2020 was a challenging year. From shifting social dynamics to a complete change in the way we do business there’s no doubt that the past year forced everyone to adapt. However, despite the challenges that one faces, it’s important to take heart and face them with confidence and determination. We here at B&I Polycontainers take this approach in every aspect of our business – from our maintenance and production to our quality control and logistics.

While the last year presented obstacles, B&I achieved milestones. While other companies were forced to cut-down and prepare for the worst, we embraced the change and grew. When the national forecast espoused a double-depression economy, we reversed the trend and achieved beyond expectations.

Following this thought, we would like to present a few of the milestones we reached last year that could not have been possible without our hard-working staff and dedicated client base. These successes are as much yours as they are ours, and for that you have our never-ending gratitude and appreciation.

Without further ado, here are just a few of the more prominent achieves from 2020.

1 – No days lost to Covid-19

While many other companies were forced to shut down due to Covid-19 exposure, we never lost one day. Demonstrating our cohesive and professional approach to the pandemic, this was a great achievement as a result of our effective preventative measures and staff health and hygiene education.

While we continue keeping regular hygiene and health checks for all staff and visitors, we have not had one instance of exposure to date.

2 – Increased blow-moulding output by 756 000 units

B&I has always been known for our blow moulding products and services. We are one of the most experienced companies in the plastics industry when it comes to blow-moulding. In 2020, we capitalised on this fact and invested in our speciality.

With our purchase of two Blow moulding Double Station machines, we increased our output capacity by an extra 756 000 units every month to help satisfy the demand and interest in these plastic packaging products.

3 – Expanded our injection moulding capabilities

Blow-moulding wasn’t the only aspect of our business that we invested in. We also purchased two new Injection Moulding Machines to enable more versatility and increase capacity in the closure market. This sets off the preparation process of offering our products and services to the international market through exporting services and a full range of plastic packaging products.

4 – Added effervescent cap to the product offering

We purchased and successfully commissioned an effervescent cap filling machine to world recognised quality standards. We can now supply the complete package of labelled effervescent tubes with the cap, furthering our ambitions to open up the export market in 2021.

5 – Achieved greater quality and stock control

Internally, we have always sought out ways to increase our efficiency and improve the quality of our products and services. Last year we overhauled our entire stock and QC system for an improved and more productive experience internally.

We successfully implemented a QR code on our product labels as well as a stores scanning system to ensure store quantities are correct. This will also ensure better efficiency in our planning cycles and reflect upon faster and more efficient delivery for our customers.

6 – Our organisation grew

While other businesses were forced to retrench employees, we actually grew last year. Our team grew in 2020, and we are proud of the fact that we appointed an extra 28 permanent staff to sustainable employment.

7 – Beat the trend – increased turnover by 32%

Finally, despite negative projections, a dreaded economic season and the threat of unemployment hanging over most of the country, B&I Polycontainers beat the trend and surpassed expectations. We increased our turnover by over 32% last year and increased our productivity rate throughout the year to match demand.

Looking forward to 2021

2021 brings with a renewed sense of optimism and a chance to restart the economy, both locally and globally. We believe it’s an opportunity for companies to get back on their feet, for people to renew their hope and for the country to come together. It is only together that we may overcome the challenges that 2020 has left us, and it is only together that we may reap the rewards that the new year has to hold.

From everyone here at B&I Polycontainers, we would like to wish you all the best for the new year and to stay safe and healthy.

If you would like to find out more about our products, visit our product page for more details. To stay in the know about the changes in the plastic industry or to gain a glimpse into what it takes to be a plastic packaging manufacturer, check out our blog for more articles. As always, feel free to contact us for more information or for any sales related queries.

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Quality Control

B&I’s QC process for plastic bottle production 

At B&I we pride ourselves in constantly improving or maintaining the quality of our products. 

We understand that by doing so, we help our clients to meet their customer demands and expectations. Our Quality Control (QC) department has developed a well-established control system for our QC managers, employees and factory staff to follow, using both external and internal aspects. 

External aspect

The external aspects of the quality controls at B&I look at the different machines and various products that they produce.

Randomly selected products from each machine are checked on the factory floor hourly. If any obvious defects are found, the QC manager will halt production and flag the production of the relevant machinery for investigation. Once the cause of the abnormality is sourced and resolved, the QC team ensures that production can be resumed. All bottles deemed below standard are marked for recycling and removed from production.

Additionally, the machinery is continuously inspected and evaluated for wear and tear and any possible drop in production ability. The operators are then evaluated for their performance and output to ensure the same level of production is reached at all times. 

Internal aspect

Internal aspects focus directly on the bottles produced by taking samples from machines on the floor and submitted for in-depth testing. B&I run many tests to ensure the correct specs have been followed and the overall quality of the bottle is good, but here are just a few of the most common testing methods: 

          Scorch test – This test checks bottle externally for dark marks, caused by heat, on the bottle. If dark marks are found, then the bottle and the corresponding batch is rejected and scrapped. 

          Pinhole test – The sample bottle is filled with water and light pressure is applied. Any faults in the bottle will leak and the bottle is rejected. This checks for any pinholes that are in the bottle that can form from uneven plastic distribution.

          Weight test – The sample bottle is placed on the scale and checked that it is up to specification in terms of the required weight. If the bottle is heavier, this will cause unnecessary costs as it uses excessive resources. A lighter bottle may not perform to the required standard and may lead to leakage or damage of the contents. 

          Neck test – The strength and measurements of the bottleneck are tested for durability and cap fitting. This is to ensure that the bottle will not break under normal wear and tear circumstances. 

          Flash test – The sample bottle’s seams are checked for any frayed plastic. This is to ensure that excessive resources are not being wasted and that the bottle is aesthetically pleasing. 

Find out more

We hope that you now have more insight into our QC process. For more information or for a guided tour of the factory and an in-person demonstration of the QC process, please contact us. We’ll be happy to make an appointment with a member of the sales team and our QC manager. 

B&I Polycontainers is a Proudly South African plastic bottle manufacturer and has decades of experience in supplying the best plastic bottles locally and internationally. Contact us today for your packaging needs.